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2016 Kumamoto Earthquake


Distribution of earthquakes which occured between 14 and 18 April. The information of earthquakes is based on the JMA Unified Earthquake Catalog for 14 and 15 April and Hi-net automatic hypocenter determination catalog for 16 to 18 April.

Propagation of the energy of the seismic wave

Energy propagation of the erathquake which occured 21:26 14 April 2016. Its magnitude is 6.5. Although the duration of the fault rupture is about 10 to 20s, the energy still remains over the duration. This phenomenon is the effects of the seismic wave scattering and early aftershocks. This is the movie for 5 minutes just after the earthquake. However we can see a lot of aftershocks even in such early lapse time.

Energy propagation of the earthquake occured at 21:26 on 14 April. I applied the bandpass filter of 2 to 4Hz.


The data used in this page is downloaded from the web site of Hi-net managed by NIED. I used the JMA Unified Hypocenter Catalog and Hi-net automatic hypocenter determination catalog.


  • Presentation at the SSJ Fall meeting (online)
  • Workshop at ERI.
  • Co-authored paper is published.
  • Presentation at JpGU-AGU (online)

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