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Seismic Wave

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Name Seismic Wave
Release 1 Apr 2015 Version 1.0 
Explanation Simple simulation of the seismic wave propagation.
Contact emoto@ zisin.gp.tohoku.ac.jp


You can simulate the propagation of the seismic wave without special knowledge.

Slip motion at the fault generates seismic waves!

You can ses the propagating P and S waves from the source. Propagation velocity of the P wave is faster than that of the S wave. Ground surface and velocity discontinuities generate the converted P or S waves.

Waves propagate from the source
Red and green colors represent the P and S waves, respectively.

Flexible Structure!

You can change the shape of the velocity discontinuity and locations of the source and the station by your finger. You can simulate the seismic wave propagation in arbitrary situation.

One can easily change the structure
Non-flat velocity discontinuities.

Save and load the favorite situation!

You can save the changed structure and the locations of the source and the station. You can re-simulate the propagation in the loaded situation.

You can see the save list.


  • Presentation at the SSJ Fall meeting (online)
  • Workshop at ERI.
  • Co-authored paper is published.
  • Presentation at JpGU-AGU (online)

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